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Thank You Scott For the Tremendous Honor of Your Business! This is the BEST review we have ever been given!

“I had been researching buying a recumbent bike for my home online. I realized that as much as I read and learned, I needed to visit a retailer and get educated and try the bikes. I knew that I wasn’t going to purchase this from Dick’s Sporting or Sports Authority, as gym equipment is not their strength. I had gone into G*# $%^&*# and L*$%^&# @#$%^&* and felt like I was being approached by used car salesmen, as well as that I had to play hard ball on pricing and I was in no mood to play “Let’s Make a Deal” , this journey had now become painful….

When I went to the Fitness Showroom of Stamford Ct. I was greeted by Michael Ricca, who was friendly and courteous, in his greeting and explained the services and sales that his company offered. He then proceeded to listen to my needs and explained the features and benefits of the different recumbent bikes, in simple terms, so that I could understand it. This service, cannot transcend in an online purchase transaction. Michael Ricca, thank you for a GREAT retail experience. Michael is a great asset to the Fitness Showroom team. In this day and age, where bad news travels fast and good news travels slow, I am so glad that I made the time for this review. It felt like Michael Ricca was the owner of this location, he is quite the ambassador of this specialty market!!! I hope this email makes its way to top management.”

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