What an Outstanding Letter of Gratitude from Your Client:

“Thanks for your attention to detail and commitment to your client’s satisfaction.

Dave, you were so gracious and professional upon my initial phone call; and followed through with ‘pertinent and constructive’ advice. You guided us from start to finish–and acted as an “advisor” as opposed to a “sales person”! Quite a contrast to your key competitors–“overtly so”!

You made us feel confident in our purchase and treated us as a priority–that is an innate talent!

Jim, you were so effective in Dave’s absence. You took control of the transaction; and exuded teaming with your colleague Dave. Although you’re not the salesperson, you showed concern for our benefit; and stood in proxy for Dave–upon concluding the transaction.

Cudos to Fitness Showroom’s management for their discretionary recruitment of two professionals!”

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